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Travel is our highest level of soccer. CVU Travel is also called competitive, with most accepted players having past soccer experience. We offer opportunities at the Premier and Classic levels of play. As the landscape of Virginia soccer is going through many changes, CVU will continue to offer the best level of play for all of our players that is presented. League affiliation will be announced very shortly.

The Travel experience is available for U11 to U18/U19 players. A season for U11 to U15 players includes both the Fall and Spring, while U16 and older players only have a Fall season. Tryouts are required for those interested in joining one of our travel teams.

All of our coaches are licensed professionals who work with our CVU Technical Staff to implement the club curriculum and encourage player development. Teams typically practice twice a week at the CVU Complex. Travel games are typically scheduled for the weekends.

The Fall season starts with CVU's Season Kickoff Camp scheduled this year for the first week of August and run in partnership with Lynchburg F.C. All accepted players are encouraged to sign up for the camp as it offers a great introduction back into the soccer season. CVU players are also encouraged to continue their soccer training in the off season by participating in camps and other available programs in the area.


Travel Details

  • Tryouts

Season tryouts occur in the month of May. All players are asked to register online and pay the tryout fee before attending a session. This includes new and returning players. Players will be grouped by age for the tryouts where they will be evaluated by CVU coaches and technical directors.

Placement of players is based on tryout evaluations which includes player skill, commitment level, and attitude. Historical performance may also be considered for returning players. Families and players are notified by email if they have been invited to join a CVU Premier White Team or a CVU Classic Red team. The amount of teams and players accepted in a given season depends upon the quantity of coaches and the amount of quality players that attend tryouts.

To fill any open spaces, CVU offers supplemental tryouts in the Spring. These tryouts typically occur around February and are used to fill needed positions in our U11 to U15 teams.

  • Registration Costs

The following are CVU Travel Player Fees for the 2022-2023 season. Our Board of Directors reviews player fees before the beginning of each season. At the time of registration, members will have the option to pay in full or pay an initial $200 deposit and select a payment plan.

U16 - U18/U19 Premier Teams | $875

(Includes Fall Tournament or College Showcase)

U11 - U15 Premier Teams | $1,200 (Spring Only $650)

(Includes Fall Tournament and one tournament in the Spring)

U16 - U18/U19 Classic Teams | $650

(Includes Fall Tournament)

U11 - U15 Classic Teams | $880 (Spring Only $500)

(Includes Fall and Spring Tournaments)

  • Season

Players are encouraged to attend the Preseason Travel Camp in late July/early August to prepare for the start of Fall training. The Fall Season begins in August and runs through early to mid-November.

The Spring Season starts mid-February and ends by Memorial Day in May. U11 to U15 teams have both a Fall and Spring season. Training schedules are released via email and will also be uploaded to this page.

Seasons may be extended slightly due to the possibility of weather related cancellations and rescheduled games. Some tournaments and/or showcases may take place outside of regular season times.

  • Practices and Games

Players are expected to attend all training sessions. Teams meet twice a week for practice at the CVU Complex. Each player is required to bring their own ball and water to training. Shin guards, cleats, and soccer socks are required. No jewelry is permitted on players during training.

Coaches put significant time and energy into planning training sessions; therefore, as a matter of respect to our coaches and players, any absence or tardiness should be reported to coaches at least 24 hours in advance of a session. Please be aware that absences and tardiness from training are a valid cause for limiting game day playing time at the coach's discretion. Parents are not permitted to be involved in training sessions or to communicate to their children unless there is an urgent need.

Games are scheduled to take place over the weekend - home games are played at the CVU Complex while away games take place at other club complexes throughout the state.

  • Tournaments & Showcases

Tournaments are a fun and challenging part of the travel soccer experience. The number and type of tournaments that players participate in will depend on their team and play level. Our Premier Teams typically participate in at least one additional tournament for the season. Classic Teams have additional opportunities to participate in tournaments on a team-by-team basis at their own expense.

Tournament entries are made at the discretion of the CVU Executive Director, Simon French, with input from the team coach. Depending on the event location and schedule, tournaments may require overnight stays in hotels. Your registration fee covers the entry fee for certain tournaments - see registration costs above - however, each family is responsible for their own accommodation costs and means of transportation.

Showcase opportunities will be available for our older, U16 and up teams. Showcases give players the chance to play in front of various college soccer coaches in an effort to be recruited upon their high school graduation.

Spring 2022 Tryout Schedule

2022-2023 SEASON

(Updated 05/13/2022)

U11 (2012) – Field #7
U12 (2011) – Field #6
U13 (2010) – Field #5
All Girls – Field next to the red lightning shelter. 

Tues., May 3rd – 6:00pm - 7:30pm
Thur., May 12th – 6:00pm - 7:30pm
Sun., May 15th – 10:00am – 11:30am

U14 (2009) – Field #5
U15 (2008) – Field #6
All Girls– Field #7

Thur., May 5th - 6:00pm – 7:30pm
Thur., May 12th - 6:00pm – 7:30pm
Sun., May 15th – 12:00pm – 1:30pm

U16 (2007) – Field #5
U17 (2006) – Field #5
U18/U19 (2005/2004) – Field #8
All Girls – Field #7

Sun., May 15th – 2:00pm – 3:30pm
Mon., May 23rd – 6:00pm – 7:00pm
Tues., May 24th – 6:00pm – 7:00pm

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